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Материалы по видеоарту доступные в сети Интернет:







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2.   http://www.mediaartnet.org

3.   http://www.videoculture.org/



4.   http://www.sfu.ca/iat242/week11/wk11-videoart.htm

5.   VIDEOSPACE/INTERFACE By Jud Yalkut  http://davidsonsfiles.org/videospaceinterface.html#anchor163583

6.   The Role of Technology in the Art of Nam June Paik: Paik's Videotapes  by Mary Ann Kearns


7.   The Canadian Encyclopedia © 2007 Historica Foundation of Canada Author JEAN GAGNON


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12.   http://aleph-arts.org/epm/eng/

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15.   http://www.luxonline.org.uk/themes/videoart.html#

16.   Is it TV, Or is it Art?: Video in the Artist's Hands by Lauryn Axelrod https://www.videomaker.com/article/3116/

17.   EXPERIMENTAL VIDEO http://www.museum.tv/archives/etv/E/htmlE/experimental/experimental.htm

18.   VIDEO + TIME + SPACE = VIDEO INSTALLATION Online Essay http://www.videoart.suite.dk/torben/essay-13.htm


19.   Subjective or Objective? a critical examination of images in mass media and experimental video. by Donna Marie McCabe http://homepage.mac.com/deyestone/murrow.html

20.   EARLY VIDEO ART: A LOOK AT A CONTROVERSIAL HISTORY David Hallessay http://www.davidhallart.com/id8.html

21.   Bill Viola, a critical essay Jessica Boch, 2006 http://people.wcsu.edu/mccarneyh/fva/V/ViolaEssay.html

22.  Analogue To Digital Conversion: Linking Video Art and the Web by Chris Byrne http://www.postmedia.net/999/chrisbyrne.htm

23.   Depression and video art at the turn of the millennium:the work of Diana Thater Christine Ross http://media.utu.fi/affective/ross.pdf

24.   Gina Cavallo Collins The Future of Video Art in the Digital Age  http://www.chart.ac.uk/chart2000/papers/noframes/cavallo-collins.html

25.   Video history project http://www.experimentaltvcenter.org/history/people/people_texts.php3


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